Pueraria Mirifica Before And After Photos

The shameful myth of “Before And After Photos”

Since we started selling Pueraria Mirifica we were looking for those from our customers. We offered 50% discounts, freebies and gimmicks. Believe me – since 2004 we got only one set of “before and 1 month later” pictures, and they were from very nice lady from Holland, but due to her approach to amateur photography we decided not to post them.
We spoke with few of them – none was interested to reveal her chest to public review and embarrass herself.


It became clear: “before and after photos” mostly are not real

Yes, there are pictures edited with Photoshop-like software, often done very poorly, sometimes there are pictures from Plastic Surgery Sites, where implants are almost visible…

Fortunately, we can only rely on our feedback and re-orders that are coming, but let me say it again – for 10 years we got almost nothing photographed and sent to us.

There is no woman desperate enough to expose herself. Once you see “be4 and after” pictures on website, not related to plastic surgery – be certain it is hoax or “B.S.”

With regards,
Alex B
Customer Care
Bangkok, Thailand

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